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Nirankar Balgram


               We at Nirankar Balgram want to realize the full potential of our children. We want to ensure that they will be able to reintegrate their community as healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults.


               Our mission is, to build families for needy, orphan, destitute, single parenting children and rehabilitate them for their bright future.


To provide basic facilities to children.
To provide qualitative education and vocational trainings for beneficiaries.
To organizing various programs for children
To do rehabilitation of beneficiaries.
To provide children with healthy and hygienic shelter.
To provide children the scope for physical development through nutritious food, sports, and games.

 Our Commitment

       1. Giving opportunities to orphans to learn and to provide life skills so that they have a better chance when they leave the orphanage.

        2.  Making sure each child in the orphanages we support has their basic needs met.

        3.  Understanding the needs of each orphanage and doing our best to help fulfill needs.

        4.  Making sure each of the orphans know that there is someone in this world that cares for them.

        5.  Providing a means for extra-curricular activities which help develop better attitudes towards learning and reducing aggressive behavior.

        6.  Mentoring and supporting the oprhans after they are forced to leave the orphanage.      


        7.  We support all children after age 18 Years old in their Educations and Carrear.Type your paragraph here.