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 Nirankar Balgram


“Prabhuchi Lekare Sari

Tayala Sarva Hi Pyari

       Kuna Na Tucchya Lekhave

            Jagala Prem Arpave.”
Sane Guruji

        Basically Mr. Keshav sir is from orphan age home. Inspiration of Sane Guruji’s Prayer Mr. Keshav Dhende Sir has established Nirankar Balgram at 23rd August 2010, under the Nirankar Shikshak Prasarak Mandal.

Reg. No.788 / 2004 / Pune - 29/05/04

        When Mr. Keshav Sir was born his father died because of major illness. He is 5th child of his mother and because of this reason his mother was not able to grow him. His mother was house servant and economical condition was very poor. One day his mother meets to Dr. Dada Gujar, founder of Sane Guruji Balgram, Hadapsar, Pune-28 and admitted him in Sane Guruji Orphan Age Home when he was 4th years old. He marry with orphan girl who is basically from orphanage home SOS Balgram,Yerawada,Pune). He has suffer from orphan age life and because of this reason he feel that he also has to do some thing for orphan, needy, poor, destitute children for their better life. Because of this firstly he started work for Drop out children and established Nirankar Sikshan Prasarak Mandal. Under this program he started to provide education to drop out children. Since 2003 to May 2010, he has admitted almost 500 students in informal school (Under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, PMC, Pune).

         In this Organization children comes from different back grounds like, single parenting, poor, orphan, needy..etc.  6  years child can admitted in our Organization. And we take whole responsibility of that child till his 18th years old as well as organization help them for their further settlement of life. At present 14 children are staying in Nirankar Balgram. Organization doesn’t have any proper funding source for this work but because of some well wishers, donors, sponsors we got little hand of help. We collect help from people in type of Money, Manpower, Kinds, Resources..etc. and successively runs our organization.    
        Nirankar Balgram Registration file has already submitted to ministry of women and child development. We have taken permission for 20 children Orphanage home. Our totally work is under the rule of ministry of Women and Child Development. 

Thaking You,








          To Starting Nirankar Balgram there is main Aim is solve all problems of Orphan Childrens.Founder and Director of Nirankar Balgram Mr. Keshav Sir is also Orphan they lived in Orphanage from age of 4 years old. Only Because of that Keshav Sir knows and feel all problems of Orphan Childrens and they decided to work for Orphan Childrens.

    When they work for Orphan Childrens they decided to use all donation only for Childrens Growth and Progress of Education. All donar Help from Bottom of their Heart. So here  is no missuse of their Help  now and in Future too .

              Keshav Sir work for Childrens from Bottom of their Heart.

Keshav Sir

Foundre/Director Nirankar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Hadapsar, Pune.